Worship 101 Has Gone Secure!

Worship 101 Has Gone Secure!

Worship 101 website has now gone secure/encrypted, so the address is now https:// instead of Http:// …if you have it bookmarked in your browser, and you mistakenly go to the Http:// address instead of https:// you could get a security warning. The browser “should” redirect to the secure page automatically…but well, you know… If you want to be sure not get a warning, you can “re” bookmark the site now if you want.


Thanks all you WORSHIP LOVERS!! 🙂

New Video

It was time to change the site’s video again. Thought we would step away from the usual worship style, and just put some down and out PRAISE!! So if you, like me, have a REASON to PRAISE our God today, put on some headsets, and crank up the volume, and get up out of your chair, and dance and praise with me today! 🙂 Jesus, you are WORTHY!

There is NO WAY, no matter what you are going through, when you see this little girl on her daddies shoulder (2:36-2:39) waving her tiny hands in praise, that you can’t find some reason to praise God yourself today. There are so many little treasures in this video that can’t do anything else, but make you smile. Just let go. 🙂