New Video

It was time to change the site’s video again. Thought we would step away from the usual worship style, and just put some down and out PRAISE!! So if you, like me, have a REASON to PRAISE our God today, put on some headsets, and crank up the volume, and get up out of your chair, and dance and praise with me today! 🙂 Jesus, you are WORTHY!

There is NO WAY, no matter what you are going through, when you see this little girl on her daddies shoulder (2:36-2:39) waving her tiny hands in praise, that you can’t find some reason to praise God yourself today. There are so many little treasures in this video that can’t do anything else, but make you smile. Just let go. 🙂

New Video for Easter

There is a now a new video on the site for Easter. (Thank you Suzanne Still for sharing)
A young lady re-wrote the words to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” to tell the events of the crucifixion and the resurrection. Happy Easter. (view the video at the top of any page on the site)

2017 Worship Conference CCCM $30

2017 Worship Conference CCCM $30

Just sharing the information. If you are interested in attending this year’s Worship Conference at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa on

APRIL 29 2017 // 9AM – 6PM

the cost is $30. And the information and their website is here:  Attending will be: BEN COURSON (speaker), ANDREW ENOS (speaker), and worship with WILDWOOD MUSIC, and SCOTT CUNNINGHAM BAND ​& SCHOOL OF WORSHIP, and there will be 3 sessions, each with many options of workshops to choose from. Conference is on Saturday, April 29th, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Check it out for an awesome day of Worshiping our Lord!

New Broadcast Schedule!!

New Broadcast Schedule!!

Happy New Year Listeners!! Well, on the first of every new year, it seems that the powers to be like to make changes to the broadcast schedule. It gives their job meaning and purpose. (haha, not really, but I don’t really know why at all…) But I think you are really going to like this one…because they are now going to give what many have been asking for, for a long time. And that is LOTS MORE WORSHIP MUSIC. In fact, All weekend long! All Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of children’s hour on Saturdays, is now ALL WORSHIP MUSIC. So be blessed, and worship with me, fellow worshippers, and bless the Lord until you can’t any more. (that’s a joke, because the more you worship, the more your heart wants to worship, truly)

But even the weekday schedule is very different. So if you have a certain speaker/pastor/teacher that you enjoy listening to, be sure to look him/her up and get the new times so you don’t miss anything.

God Bless You All! Have a great new year in 2017!!

Chris Tomlin in Santa Barbara

Chris Tomlin in Santa Barbara

Chris Tomlin did a wonderful show at the Arlington Theater on Dec. 8th. I’m so sorry I didn’t catch it early enough to let you know ahead of time. But I wanted to share the picture with you. If you still want to catch him in CA, you can see him in Oakland on the 9th (today), in Stockton on the 10th, and Seattle Washington on the 13th. Here is more ticket information: .

If you are wondering what else is going on at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, you can catch the Nutcracker, among other great shows there:

Have a great Holiday Season from KOCC Radio! We Love you!