Basically our broadcast content material is broken down into two main categories, Bible Teaching, and Worship Music. From here you can dive deeper into either or both of those 2 categories, and from there you can get specific information on who is preaching/teaching, or, on the music itself. Feedback is always appreciated. If you want to know more about a particular bible teacher, just click on that person’s image, or their name on the navigation menu. If you want to know what time someone is teaching, or who is on at a certain time, take a look at the Broadcast Schedule

We also want to share with you how you can know God on a more personal level: How you can “be saved” ; How you can be “Born Again” ; What is a “confession of faith” ; How you can be Filled with the Holy Spirit ; and along those lines, some guidelines on prayer. This information will be added for you under the “Know God” section. Realistically, this is our first and primary goal, so with that in mind, I apologize for this information not being available first. But we are combining and old site with new information, so it sort of follows a process. But if you are looking for this information specifically, and it’s not on the website yet, PLEASE write us. We will be more than happy to email, chat, talk on the phone, or even meet with you to help you meet these needs.

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1-805-485-0111, FAX 1-805-988-9616
Office: Tue-Fri 9AM to 5PM
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Eastman Ave: 8:15; 9:00AM; 11:15AM
C.I. @ 2731 S. Victoria Ave.: 9:30AM; 11:00AM
Santa Paula @ 107 S. 8th St.: 9:45AM
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