I was browsing Facebook while waiting for some updates to process, and I found this page. It’s called ADVENT CONSPIRACY. I watched the video…and I joined. Every year I struggle with how to deal with not having money to spend in the first place for Christmas, but yet having Christmas as one of the core foundations of my faith, and wanting to celebrate it fully, however in a more spiritual way, and not only get the most, but also GIVE the most that I can. I know that I am not alone. So, I encourage you to have a look, and see if this is something you might also like to be a part of. So yes, I am now a conspirator. haha.

Well, the embed link didn’t work no matter how many times and different ways I tried it…so here is the link, with my apologies. To embed the video would have been much better.

STL Moms – Giving more and spending less

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