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We want you to have any and all tools you need to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ. Everyone has different methods of learning that work best for them, and therefore prefer different styles of teaching. That is why we believe you should have a variety of ministries to choose from. Our only goal is for you to learn and grow. And we believe that Worship 101 radio has some of the best bible teachers around. We search high and wide and listen to many broadcasts to provide these teachers to you. Here you will be able to see who they are, and if you want to find out more information on a particular Bible teacher, just click on him or her. If you need more information, you can look them up their ministry’s web sites and maybe find more there.


  1. Moni

    I just listened to your broadcast while working. It was great! But, I didn’t catch who the preacher was. I’m very curious. And, would he be the main pastor preaching on Sundays? I’m sure they’re all fantastic, but this one had a great way of delivering the message and I’d like to listen to more of his preaching. Can you also tell me how I can do that as well giving his name?

    • Donna L Sander

      Ok, details…
      The quick answer is the teacher (yes, / preacher…) was Pastor Lance Ralston. And yes, to answer your other question, he IS the head pastor for Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, which is the church, under whose headship the ministry of the Worship 101 radio and broadcasting station falls. You can click on his image above, and get most of details about Pastor Lance. But this is an old website, which in fact will be updated later this year, so some details may be dated. I did just update his page though.

      The broadcast schedule on is under the menu item “BROADCAST SCHEDULE”, in case you want to know who another teacher is. Then, you can go to their page, and find information and links to their radio ministry if it is available.

      Here is the link to the CCO videos archive page on Facebook. And here the link to his page on this site: On his page, you will find other links. Also, the church website is . If you want “more” information, you can use the form on the contact page, …and that email should go directly to the station administrator, who has access to the broadcast schedules, and he can pull up more detailed information for you. If the email you used when you posted is valid, I’ll try to email you his email address. We can’t post any emails on the site for security reasons.

      Thank you so much for your question!! 🙂

  2. Everything I.T.

    typically we need a date and time to get information back to you. Let me contact the administrator and see who was talking right before you sent the message? (would that be accurate?)

    And please accept my apology for the delay…


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