Happy New Year Listeners!! Well, on the first of every new year, it seems that the powers to be like to make changes to the broadcast schedule. It gives their job meaning and purpose. (haha, not really, but I don’t really know why at all…) But I think you are really going to like this one…because they are now going to give what many have been asking for, for a long time. And that is LOTS MORE WORSHIP MUSIC. In fact, All weekend long! All Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of children’s hour on Saturdays, is now ALL WORSHIP MUSIC. So be blessed, and worship with me, fellow worshippers, and bless the Lord until you can’t any more. (that’s a joke, because the more you worship, the more your heart wants to worship, truly)

But even the weekday schedule is very different. So if you have a certain speaker/pastor/teacher that you enjoy listening to, be sure to look him/her up and get the new times so you don’t miss anything.

God Bless You All! Have a great new year in 2017!!

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