Lance Ralston:“The Word From Calvary”

Lance Ralston:
“The Word From Calvary”

Lance Ralston:

“The Word From Calvary”

The Word from Calvary is a broadcast teaching ministry of Pastor Lance Ralston of CALVARY CHAPEL OF OXNARD,  1925 Eastman Avenue,  in Oxnard, California 93030. Phone: (805)485-0111

Lance Ralston is the founding pastor of CALVARY CHAPEL OF OXNARD, which began in the fall of 1982 in Port Hueneme. Since that time, the church has met in several locations as it has grown over the years. We moved to our present facility on Eastman Avenue in the fall of 1998. Lance and Lynn have been married for over thirty years with three children.

Lance’s method of teaching is the expository style, and follows the usual Calvary Chapel pattern of going systematically through the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse, and alternating between the Old and New Testaments. Being an outstanding student of history, Lance regularly brings the historical backdrop of the text to light that the listener will rarely find in another’s teachings,. This provides a solid foundation for how to apply the truth of God’s Word to our lives, and how The Bible is relevant for us today. Lance has taught through the entire Bible four times and is now working his way through it with the people of Calvary Oxnard a fifth time, and as someone started attending in the 2nd trip through the bible, I can personally honestly say that his teaching is not any less enlightening, and is still as fresh and informative for me personally, as it was the first time I heard him preach in trip #2 through the Bible at CCO. If anything, it is the opposite. Lance (in MY opinion) is even MORE sensitive to the teaching and moving of the Holy spirit ‘now’ in 2019, that he was when I joined somewhere around 1998-1999 abd he is probably much more gentle, wise, and humble now than he was 20 years ago.

Lance is the author of one book, drawn from a sermon series he did on marriage –Marriage: As It Was meant To Be (available in the CROSS Reference bookstore – inside the church Calvary Chapel Oxnard)

Pastor Lance also has a podcast feed of his historical teaching that you can subscribe to, and listen to and comment on if yoiu wish.  they are listed along with sermon videos and other media particular information, just click the link “podcast feed”.

Also, if you want to WATCH the live sermons he shares on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday nights (bible study) You should visit the Calvary Chapel of Oxnard Facebook Videos, and watch the videos of the live feed that was aired on any daythe church has a service. To get there, you can also go to on the right-hand sidebar, click the link at the bottom that is titled “CCO on Facebook” …and that will also take you right there to the Facebook page.

To get even more information on Lance Ralston please visit the Calvary Chapel of Oxnard church website.

Additional Information

Lance is an especially informed teacher in the area of church history, and is quite the history buff, so I’m adding some additional videos you may enjoy. And then I will put his message videos at the bottom of the page.

Communio Sanctorum – History of the Christian Church is a labor of love Pastor Lance both enjoys studying for and producing for the web. Season 1 of the podcast is 150 episodes, charting church history from the 1st Century to the 18th Century. In Season 2, Lance is doing a series of various lengths going into more detail and depth in specific eras and topics.

Lance also ran for Oxnard City Council this last year. He didn’t win, which did not disappoint him in the least, as he says his calling is truly to be a teacher of God’s Word, but he also believes there was a definite reason God wanted him to participate in the election, …and it did seem to have had a positive effect on him. 🙂

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