While as a developer, it’s not my place to speak on the organization as a whole. But since Worship 101 is a ministry affiliated with Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, and since the church has spoken and posted on current events, I thought I would just pass on the information to those who may be interested or concerned but who didn’t have access to the information either because they aren’t members of the church or haven’t gone to the church’s website or social network pages. The following link is to a post written by Pastor Lance Ralston of Calvary Chapel of Oxnard : http://www.calvaryoxnard.org/2016/negotiating-the-cca-ccgn-kerfuffle

(If you are reading this on Facebook, it’s the same information in yesterday’s post.)

So read the short post, and hopefully it answers any questions you may have. May God bless you, and thank you for your faithful listening to Worship 101 radio.

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